History of experiences, learning, and knowledge to continue innovating with our clients.

Our main introduction card is the experience in innovation, (digital) transformation, entrepreneurship and acceleration that we have had for more than 10 years.

Cowo, Fundación Mi Norte, Ecoterráneo, Waki y Patagonia Labspace

Desarrollo de ecosistemas de emprendimientos regionales

CLIENT CHALLENGE: Strengthen the offer of coworking spaces in different regions of the country, incorporating mentoring, incubation, and/or acceleration services for dynamic startups in order to boost local ecosystems.

WHAT WE DID: With each partner, we developed specialized programs according to the gaps in the region and the value proposition, creating new networks of trained mentors (+200), supporting early-stage startups (+300), adapting Imagine’s incubation and acceleration methodology, and connecting with local industries, experts or universities.


Digital Strategy and Innovation in Experience and Products

CLIENT CHALLENGE: In 2018, Confuturo challenged us to move towards a new digital business model, with a focus on developing internal capabilities for the design, development, and deployment of digital projects.

WHAT WE DID: We worked with the company’s leaders to build their digital vision, focus areas, and a roadmap for implementation that incorporated new value propositions, culture, processes, technology, and data. Once the digital strategy was agreed upon, we developed and co-executed the key functions of the digital transformation office during 2019.


Open Innovation and Mobilization

CLIENT CHALLENGE: In its commitment to find disruptive solutions to challenges in the transmission electricity industry and advance corporate venturing processes, Transelec contacted us to carry out an open innovation program focused on solving three major challenges related to water usage and line maintenance, data analytics, and noise emissions.

WHAT WE DID: With that premise, we called on startups, scaleups, and large technology companies globally to design, adjust, and implement disruptive, effective, efficient, and commercially scalable solutions together with the Transelec Ventures team through a Venture Client model. Today, they are executing six pilots with companies from Chile, USA, Canada, Poland, and Denmark.


Future Vision and Innovation Strategy

CLIENT CHALLENGE: As a result of changes in consumer habits due to the pandemic and the acceleration of digital tools and e-commerce, Watts called on us to collaborate on designing a strategy that would enable them to be a key player in the future of the food industry.

WHAT WE DID: With a participatory approach, we built their Innovation Strategy, which also included defining how to deploy in the world of corporate venturing. Additionally, we supported the creative process of products and experiences with multidisciplinary teams.