We rethink and build with sense and pragmatism

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Anticipate changes and disruptions in the market to visualize the position that your organization should play in the future. Define guidelines that will allow you to approach that vision, incorporating your customers, collaborators, and technology at the center of the discussion

(Innovation – Digital – Corporate Venturing): Define the objectives, goals, and actions that will allow you to maximize the value you deliver to your customers to ensure the sustainability of your organization in the short, medium, and long term, with innovation and technology as the vehicle.

Create a portfolio of products, services, and experiences that align with your vision and growth strategy. Implement methods and tools for managing products and projects that allow you to measure and evaluate the value created by your portfolio.

Visualize and move towards the future

Design and evolve products, services and experiences

Immerse yourself and discover the environment and context in which your business operates to understand the behavior and future needs of your customers or consumers, in order to build products, services, and experiences that achieve greater impact.

Design addresing the needs, gaps, and frictions that people face in their daily lives around your products and services. Design new and improved customer journeys to give rise to a superior experience in your industry.

Reduce the risk of your new value propositions by capturing evidence in the field with your customers and with data analytics to make better investment decisions, experimenting continuously

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Transform concepts into tangible proposals to test and experiment iteratively until you find the set of features and characteristics that maximize value for your users.

Deploy high-fidelity solutions that achieve a connection between your customers and your products, services, and brand. Prepare your processes, systems, and teams for implementation and deployment in the market.

Develop and deploy new experiences.

Deploy and scale new businesses and products

Deploy your new value propositions to discover and refine their core components based on evidence, in the field, in contact with your customers and users, so that your products and services endure over time.

Define your revenue strategy, partners, channels, and resources to achieve competitive advantages. Explore and evaluate the main levers of growth, efficiency, and differentiation for your portfolio and organization.

Define and project business scenarios based on real data and evidence that allow you to understand the performance of the business and make better investment, development, and scaling decisions for your new products, services, and experiences.

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Create models, mechanisms, and programs to collaborate with entrepreneurs, startups, institutions, and the community to enhance knowledge, capabilities, and opportunities for joint development. Define your role, objectives, and goals, and deploy with us an offer so that your actions generate shared value and promote the growth and development of capacities of all members based on local and/or regional strategy or priorities.

Accelerate the deployment of innovation and transformation by collaborating with high-potential startups, in order to capture value and directly impact the business. Define and develop the most appropriate open innovation mechanisms for your organization and strategy, which promote the achievement of specific business objectives and allow for systematic and consistent collaboration with startups, leveraging the global ecosystem that Imagine has created.

Create and share value with your communities, ecosystems, and startups